In the coming months, I will be starting up a BRAND NEW Podcast called “Throne Room Sessions”. This Podcast Exists to share Real, Vulnerable, sometimes Very Raw (early morning) Holy Spirit-led worship. It will be Live, Acoustic. A Morning Worship Set with an occasional Devotional included. From the city of Gouda in South Holland here is a little window into what my time of worship at home looks like.

As I am working on the backend, I’ll be posting my podcasts on my blog. Once I’ve uploaded and posted 10 podcasts on my blog, I’ll then upload them to an official podcast platform! Stay TUNED!!

I’m a part of a Church Plant in Gouda. We planted on September 16, 2018. It’s called the Goudse Familie Kerk. You can visit our website at and we would love for you to drop in and get to know us.  As a church family, we have been asking the questions: What is discipleship? How do we become disciples of Jesus? How do we make disciples of Jesus who make disciples! What is discipleship?

As a musician and worshiper of God, I want to reach out to any listeners who would like to start a discussion on this very topic. Let’s ask one another questions. Post your questions below in the comment section or visit our church website and drop by for one of our services.

Regina Oak

Nederlandse Versie van Hillsong New Wine Cover met kleine overdenking

“Stille Tijd” – Regina Oak Zingt Hillsong’s New Wine Cover